Money Saving Tips

Upgrading Your Lights

When swapping your standard incandescent bulbs to LED type bulbs will you save you hundreds in the long. Also this will increase the brightness and longevity of the LED type bulb you purchase . Wow you get more lighting, save money and help saving the earth. You will only use a third of the energy that's required to power a standard light bulb and help saving our planet now is that savings you grands will be thanking  you in the future 

Cleaning Refrigerator Coils


Cleaning your refrigerator coils will save the life of your refrigerator and save on energy. This will prevent the cooling motor from over heating  and over working this  keeps the refrigerator running cooler And Always Remember to Unplug your refrigerator when doing this for safety 

Changing you Heater Filter


As you can see we never think about changing our filter in our heating unit not knowing how important it is to our health cutting down on dust allergens, reducing allergies that create health problems. So as you decide what is the best filter for your home its always wise to change your filter at least twice a year 

Here are some ways you can cut down on your heating cost


Installing a window seal to the bottom of you window will cut down on drafts coming through ( When installing a window seal you always want to clean the bottom of your window or the bottom of the window seal. This will prevent the stickie side of the seal from sticking to dirt and not the window or you will finding your self going back to the store to purchase more seal. And always be careful when using a knife to cut the seal or anything your cutting. I prefer using the widest and thickest seal tape available especially with older homes to cut the draft out.    

Sealing your windows


Here Is another way of cutting down on those winter and summer drafts 

Here is some of the weatherseal


Start Saving today on your Gas Or Electric bill now thats money back in your pocket.

Keep Door Drafts Out


Here is a simple and inexpensive way to keep drafts out with the twin draft stopper on the bottom of your door. You can get most of theses money saving tips for less that $10.00 you'll save hundreds in the long run.

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